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Keto = diet + adaptation
when we eat a KETOGENIC DIET +
and our bodies adapt and go into KETOSIS
Keto diet flips conventional nutritional guidance
In KETOSIS the body can burn stored fat
+ two ways for your body to fuel +
+ both natural metabolic processes +
+ ketosis kicks in when starving +
+ or when iron(hu)maning +
+ when we eat mostly carbohydrates
+ these are broken down into sugars
+ that are burned for energy
+ or when eat in excess stored as fat
+ this process is regulated by insulin
+ (diabetes is insulin not working)
when we eat very few carbohydrates +
our bodies produce ketones from fat +
that are burned as fuel or peed out +
in an energy deficit stored fat is used +
this process is supported by eating fat +
our bodies keto adapt over time +
Keto has demonstrated health benefits
Lowers risk of
disease and
(may reverse)
type II diabetes
Clinically proven
positive changes
1. blood sugar and insulin levels
2. triglycerides
3. cholesterol
4. blood pressure
5. fat around the middle!
Brain function ...
↑ alternative to drugs for epileptic kids
↑ depression symptoms  
↑ autism, migranes, MS, ALS symptoms
↓ slows Alzheimer's and Parkinsons  

+ science is still at work …
... gut feelings
heartburn ↓
acid reflux ↓
mitochondrial function ↑

+ treats cancer ... at least in mice!