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 Good for all palates, peeps and our precious planet

- Savory = Real food you know and love

- Super Low Sugar = Good for Everyone

- Good Fat = Yummy 

- Fiber = Filling

- Plant Powered = Humane and Sustainable

- Keto Macros = Bonus to Make Positive Change Easy



• Ooops, we broke the typical taste compromise of healthy or nutritious

- The secret? Flipping the script with better science and making fat our friend

- We use only good healthy fats from coconuts, extra virgin olives and avocados, never veggie oils

- Reversing the decades old ‘low fat’ taste trade-off which manufacturers overcame by sneakily adding sugar, salt and flavorings

• They are delicious because real food is delicious

- Made from real ingredients, to a rocking recipe and using superior spices, inspired by delectable global dishes

- The flavor comes from the ingredients so no need to overdose on sugar or salt or fake flavorings for flavor



 All the time, of course: whenever and wherever you can! ;) KEHO is great for any lifestyle

• Because it’s so fueling, filling and fun, KEHO can kick off the day as breakfast, as on-the-go fuel, a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, a brain boost before that TED talk, a savory side-kick when traveling, real food for a festival, grub for glamping, cookie-alternative at a conference, that solid-food buddy to not succumb to snacks, a pal to power up past lights out, fodder for feeding your fellows at your co-work or community space, a wing-person for a late (or early?) night out, repast for witty repartee, munchies for well the munchies, compact-cuisine for trekking into the unknown, the backcountry, up a mountain or waiting on a wave or for wind or for both, or for those times when cooking seems like torture, or when you wanna put more work into your workout, or to dance to dawn

• KEHO is great for lil’ humans with big palates or big humans with lil’ time

• Whoever and however, whenever and wherever, KEHO loves you right back



• Salty snacks got stuck at 1) substrate (potato, kale, seaweed etc) + 2) shape (chip, puff, tortilla etc) + 3) flavorings (bbq, cheddar etc) they are not really real food 

• Spicy > more fun than sweet, disrupting expectations and delighting appetites

• Savory = nutritious, meaningful meals (instead of quick-fix sugary shocks)

• Here's what's new. Many have tried to make savory bars before. But before when folks took out the salt or sugar they tasted like cardboard. In those days fat had a bad rap but we now know better - so we cracked the code on taste!!



• Keto NCSS’s (ya know, ‘Non-Chip Savory Snacks’...duh!) are commonly made of a barnyard’s worth of poor quality animal-based ingredients (jerky anyone) that also often need refrigeration (cheese sticks) or cooking (eggs)

• The alternatives are just literally plain nuts (or nut butters or yippeee a flavored nut butter to suck on) ... unless you love nuts, in which case go for it ... just a boring when it’s the only option available, again

• KEHO savory bars solve for both by being 100% plant based real food 

• Plus a pescaterian of >25 years couldn't add more demand for animal products to the current food chain



• It's totally OK if you're not keto, you’re allowed these too, everyone benefits from eating less sugar

• The keto is actually what makes them taste so good, shhh, the secret is the good fats

• Imagine if everyone swapped out one sugary snack a day for a savory bite? Small changes add up to big impact

• Low carb and keto eating has increasingly compelling scientific evidence of health benefits

• But is super tough to maintain so wanted to make it an easy option

• So we did the math to optimize the macros for keto, so you don't have to count your carbs

• They took a long time to develop as each iteration was tested using both glucose and ketone meters, KEHO will not kick you out of ketosis



• Real ingredients with real power that make you real happy ;) 

• Seriously tho, prebiotic soluble tapioca fiber from cassava roots makes your gut bacteria happy

• KEHO uses premium macadamias and pecans because they’ve got the highest fat/carb ratio and a delish crunch

• Freeze-dried veggies because they are massively nutrient dense, more so than fresh and they are light so a cut back on food miles for the plant

• High quality oils you'd put on your salad, not your typical veggie cooking oils - we use coconut, extra virgin olive and avocado oil depending on the cuisine

• Salt from renewable sea water because we want to leave the the Himalayan Mountains where they are

• Naturally preserved with a touch of salt and rosemary extract

• Real herbs, seeds, and spices because ‘natural flavorings’ taste indigenous only to a lab rat



• In order for KEHO to flip the script on snacking, it had to disrupt the expected ....

- No sugar or sugary ingredients by another name, so sorry honey and thanks, but no thanks, to those dates

- No fake good for you sugars like organic coconut nectars or agave or brown rice syrup, they are still sugar first

- No sweeteners/ sugar alcohols

- No inulin / chicory toot, ooops, root

- No processed protein powders to pump up the nutrition panel

- No fake flavorings or colors

- No pixie dust health claims like calm or focus

- No fake flavorings or colors



• KEHO means a living (human) body in Finnish

• KEHO is on a mission to spice up life and simplify nutrition science

• KEHO foods are good for your body, your taste buds and our planet

• KEHO makes complex science simply delicious, we do the hard work so you don't have to

• In some parallel universe we home cook all meals after a workout, meditation, calling mom and a ten step skin routine; in this world KEHO packs up real food for real lives

• And that’s what makes it uniquely KEHO – healthy made easy to eat and love

• Made to make Positive Change easy!



• A simple ratio of >75% good fats, ~15% proteins, and <10% net carbs

• This is the ketogenic calorie macro mix slightly adjusted for in-real-life living and delish eating

• Most of the carbs are dietary fiber that pass through our bodies undigested

• It has double the dietary fiber; coz most of us get ½ our daily need

• No added protein powders; as most of us already get 2X daily protein need

• This level is optimal for keeping things healthful and full of taste

• No added vitamins, as evidence for benefits is still questionable, so we left it natural

• Salt kept to only ~200 mg per serving, so everyone can eat them

• Bite-sized magic for a healthy body and happy tastebuds