I am a nutrition nerd hungry for positive change! I am an ex-champion calorie counter. It started with coxing light-weight rowing crews, followed by a career in food & beverage. I thought I knew it all! Then I discovered keto. I was introduced to it by fellow physicists whose facts checked out. I got obsessed. I hate to cook but wanted easy real food.  

I'm the third in line here ski touring in Antarctica. KEHO would have come in handy instead of my endless messy nut butter packets. The idea for KEHO came to me on the next ski trip in India on a 10 day silent meditation retreat!  Photo credit Jeremy Lau.

KEHO is super innovative. There are no other pizza or cauliflower real food bites out there. I can see why. Turns out when you take out carbs and fake stuff, savory bars tasted like cardboard. The secret to our taste is swapping the sugar for spice, and adding good fats - and the foil package. It took 3 years to make KEHO a reality.

So why is KEHO keto? To help drop the bad carbs, most of which come from sweet and salty snacks. Too much sugar and bad carbs is like water dripping on a stone. It appears ok but the damage adds up (see the data below). So swap sugar shocks and salt bombs for real food. 

Shhhh, KEHO is on a secret mission to (ob)literate obesity. Ob as in get rid off, literate as in educate and obesity as in the big problem. It is secret as in KEHO tastes too good to be good for you.


We make science deliciously digestible. We do the geeking out on leading edge (not bleeding edge) science and make tasty things using natural ingredients. We do the work so you don't have to. We hold ourselves to clinical proof standards, so make no pixie dust magic ingredient claims.

OK, we may also enjoy being a tad disruptive ;) breaking that traditional compromise of healthy or delicious, flipping conventional nutrition upside down and living the salty & spice - not being too sweet ;)









KEHO the name, means a living human body in Finnish. We chose it because we believe life is better lived, like really SPICED UP,  and lived humanely and sustainably. 

I made KEHO to make positive change +Δ easy. 

kiitos (thank you), TEKLA BACK 


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SAD (Standard American Diet) FACTS:

Obesity is the third biggest global social burden created by humans (McKinsey, Nov 2014 - after smoking and armed violence). In the US >70% of people are obese or overweight, and the number is rising. The ‘normal’ person is obese and sick every single day! 3/5 have metabolic syndrome, 1/3 are pre-diabetic and 1/10 are diabetic. Diabetes is the #1 cause of early death, heart disease (which is the #1 cause of death), kidney failure, amputation and blindness. Diabetes is the #7 direct cause of death. 90% of diabetes is type 2, and of this 50% is preventable. Today diabetes is the biggest federal tax spend in healthcare at 20% with roughly a billion dollars spent per day. People’s health is compromised, costing them thousands a year and burdening our health care and social systems. Keto has been shown to improve symptoms of metabolic syndrome and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes.