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fill up with good stuff
live up to your best life!
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Hei, I am a nutrition nerd hungry for positive change!

As an ex-champion calorie counter with 20+ years
in food & beverage, I thought I knew it all!

I quit my corporate job, to live a life of meaning,
and found keto via fellow physicists. Their facts
checked out and I got obsessed.

But I’m a pescaterian who hates to cook, so it was hard.
I wanted a snack that was made of real food!

It took 3 years to make KEHO a reality - turns out
removing carbs and keeping things real is hard too  ;)  

I made KEHO to make positive change (+Δ) easy,
kiitos (thank you), TEKLA
We want to drop
bad carbs - like sweet and salty snacks - but it’s HARD
KEHO made it easy, yummy and healthy!
we swapped sugar & salt for spice
dropped carbs for filling fiber
added yummy good fats
optimized the macros for keto!!
We make science
deliciously digestible
we geek out on leading edge
(not bleeding edge) science
and cook up tasty things
using natural ingredients -
and make no fake health claims
KEHO is on a (secret)
mission to
(ob)literate obesity
ob as in get rid off
literate as in educate on nutrition
obesity as in the big problem
secret as KEHO is
too good to be good for you!
OK, we may also enjoy
being a tad disruptive
breaking the compromise
of healthy OR delicious
flipping conventional
nutrition upside down
living the salty & spice,
not being too sweet
KEHO means
‘a living human body’
in finnish
because we believe
life is better lived,
really LIVED UP,
humanely and sustainably!