Snacking vs. eating?
Us too.
We  all want to eat healthy - but we have busy lives to live -
with limited time for making real food.

So we snack. But snacks are either full of sugar or salt, and full of refined carbs and artificial stuff.

I wanted a natural snack that was real food!

It took 3 years to make KEHO a reality - turns out removing carbs and keeping things real is hard too  ;)

I made KEHO to make positive change (+Δ) easy,
kiitos (thank you), TEKLA
a bite of real
whole food
made of all natural ingredients -
nuts, veggies, oils and real spices  
-  with no added sugar or fake stuff. KEHO tastes good, because real food
tastes good.
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rocking recipes
inspired by global cuisines, not the
same few ingredients mushed up
and topped up with fake flavorings
keto (not just low carb)
we did the macro math
to make positive change easy.
<5g net carbs AND yummy good fats
PLUS >5g plant-protein AND
>10g of filling fiber
real herbs & spices
no fake flavorings or colorings,
the taste actually comes from the ingredients
enhanced by globally curated premium spices,
like cardemom, tomatillo and lemongrass
the healthy good fats
(no vegetable oils!),
from coconut, avocado
and extra virgin olive oil
are what makes KEHO
taste so good!
Real reviews - no paid influencers!
Have a bite of each!
Sample pack is available for first-time buyers only, limited to one per customer and household.
Offer has no cash value and is void if altered, sold, bartered, or transferred.
The offer expires at 11:59 PM EST 12/31/2021 or while supplies last.
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OPEN UP! Happiness 100% guaranteed.
We are confident you will love KEHO,. If you don’t, you can get  your money back.
Just email us and we will refund your full order.