Snacking vs. eating?
Us too.
We  all want to eat healthy - but have busy lives to live.

So we snack. But snacks are sugar shocks or salt bombs with fake stuff.

I had an insight - real food tastes good! So inspired by my fave cuisines I turned real food into snack food.

KEHO are plant powered and keto but you don't have to be!

I made KEHO to make positive change (+Δ) easy, thank you, Tekla
a bite of real
whole food
made like a meal from all natural ingredients (nuts, veggies, good oils and real spices) with no added sugar or fake stuff.
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rocking recipes from global cuisines
complex flavorful recipes, not the same few ingredients mushed up and topped up with fake flavorings
keto, not just low carb
Less than 5 net carbs, good fats plant-protein and filling fiber!
real whole food = a salad at half the cost
premium ingredients
big enough to see and say
KEHO tastes good because real food taste good! No sugar or sweeteners, nor a salt bomb, no flavorings and no fake stuff. Just real food!
Real reviews - no paid influencers!
Spice up your snack life!
Variety is the spice of life - try a bite of each: curry in a hurry, pizza to go,
tex mex moment and  thai me over.
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We are confident you will love KEHO. If you don’t, you get your money back.
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