We’d love to have you a part of the KEHO mission as we innovate food together! As health-focused lifestyles continue to move front and center, it’s community leaders like you that help people transform their definition of what it means to be healthy.

We’re excited to introduce you to KEHO, the first savory snack bite that’s plant powered and fat forward - making it both keto and clean.

Each bite is a mini-meal, made with rocking recipes inspired by global cuisines:

- Curry in a hurry

- Tex mex moment

- Pizza to go

- Thai me over

All KEHO bites are made of real whole ingredients with premium nuts, nutritious veggies, high quality oils and real herbs & spices - no fake flavorings, gluten or GMOs.


We would love for you to join our mission as an affiliate partner in (ob)literating obesity by swapping sugar for spice!

As s KEHO affiliate you will get:

10% of the first one time order as well as 10% of each subscription order for the lifetime of each new customer!

We love to honor partners who spread the word! For those that convert more than 20 new customers in the first month, you'll receive 12% commission for the first one-time order and 12% for each subscription order for the lifetime of each new customer.


Through your affiliate code, each new customer will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase.

KEHO means a ‘living human body’ in Finnish - we believe life is better lived humanely and deliciously. We look forward to spreading the word on a well lived life alongside you!


We invite you to complete the questionnaire for our team to review. If aligned, we will be in touch! Our team is grateful for you and your interest in our program.