Make keto fit into your life

Make keto fit into your life

How to Make Keto Fit into Your Life


Got a full life? No space for new stuff. So how to stuff something new in? Especially when it’s to do with stuffing yourself - silly ;)


You’ve wanted to try keto. You’ve heard it’s hard. Maybe you’ve even tried it, and decided it’s hard. Yeah. It can be. Because the world is built for carbs. They are everywhere. Especially if you don’t eat or try to avoid meat. So where and how to make keto fit?


Start with WHERE you are. Easy, the three dimensions of time, space and energy. Ok, there maybe alternative universes or simulations that are happening in parallel (or anti parallel, or whatever direction you’re headed in), but well stick to our 3D world and make it keto fit.


Time is precious. The quality kind is a love language for many. And we never have enough of it. Who wants to add meal prep on top. Not happening. Especially when the alternative is netflix and chill, and that comes as ice cream! Now to make keto fit in, of course you can swap your faves to keto alternatives, like keto ice creams, or keto cakes. But here you’ve still lost something, you traded down the carbs, and with it the taste, so that’s a waste of time. The best way to make keto fit in your schedule, is to prioritize your time. You have to make time.


Yes you’re busy. The wake up, the cacao ceremony, the meditation, the yoga flow, the gratitude journal, the 10 step skin routine, the smoothie, the meal prep, the gender neutral hair removal and the adding of lashes, the vitamins and the collagen. All making a difference but not making time. The only way to make time is to stop doing something. We always assume that time comes from watching TV or scrolling insta, and maybe it should. But should is a horrible word. Especially as those are social fun activities in our socially distant less fun world. How about you give yourself permission to not do something, to make time for keto, at least to start with. Here is a good one, do you dare say no to a dinner or drinks and make yourself a home meal?


Time is your life in the end. Time is not money like the old saying goes. We may trade some of our time to make money, but money is not time, so time can’t be money – ergo ;) And you know what they say, the best time is right now. So make time, to make keto fit into your life.


Space is constrained, and right now comprises of these same four walls. Anyone else rotating around their dining table for a different view? That’s if you have space for a dining table. Not here in New York. What about your pantry, or rather that one cupboard you have. You have to clear space, to make keto fit in. Actually do it. Do it now. Walk to that pantry, grab a trash bag on your way, and throw out all crap carbs. Yeah, that old microwave popcorn bag and artificial flavoring, yup. The jam with dodgy stuff on the rim. The old taco mix box. The rice and pasta and noodles. Nope you don’t need them and yes your health is worth more than those dollars. Don’t forget to open the packs and separate them for recycling! Clear. It. Out. Now you can make keto fit.


Energy can’t be created, no matter how hard you try. If keto feels like more work, it’s not gonna happen. So keto has to be the same or less work. Yet, it is hard to start something new, like learning new recipes and products, and where to find them in store or online. There is massive inertia to change. This is the hardest one. Here getting an external push helps – like an accountability buddy, or changing your environment – like moving Friday nights from dinners to dances. The hardest part is getting going. Once in motion, it’s easier to stay in motion – once you’ve tasted keto it’s easier to stay keto.


The other way to think of time, space and energy is through mind, body and soul. Making keto fit into your life takes all three. The mind needs to open up, the body feel full and the soul fill up.


So, onto HOW to make keto fit? Duh, make it the right shape and the right size. Yup, a round peg for a round hole. Sized just snug ;)


The right shape to make keto fit in your life, is a square. Yup, a square. That’s a very specific shape you are thinking. Yes many keto peeps are a tad nerdy, maybe a bit square? Some of us don’t even drink. But, nope that’s not what we mean. We mean a square meal! The way to make keto fit in your life is to focus on the meals. Square meals. Reak food. Even for the snacks


The right size to make keto fit in your life, is of course Goldilocks size. Not too big and not too small, but just right. We made KEHO 1.5 oz which is 42gs, because that’s about 200 calories of real food goodness. We’re not huge fans of counting calories, but they are a handy common macro metric. The average dude eats about 3,076 calories a day and the average woman about 2,370 (yeah that 2,000 recommended daily calorie diet on a nutrition label is not very helpful for anyone). That means one KEHO is less than 10% of the daily calories of a person.


Now we’re fans of fasting and OMAD (one meal a day) and other fasting protocols, and tend to prefer eating more earlier in the day and less later in the day, the prince to pauper principle. We’re not actually huge fans of snacking, yikes, yes, a snack brand just said they are not fans of snacking. We are trying to put ourselves out of business before we have began!


We’re just realists, life happens. We miss meals and want treats, and we are keeping those keto. So assuming classic societal three meals a day, split it even steven square to 30%/30%/30% that leaves 10% for KEHO ;) or eat two or even three for a meal.


KEHO is just the right size to make keto fit in your life ;) The answer is always 42.





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