curry in a hurry

curry in a hurry

In a hurry? Have a bite of curry.

Curry in a hurry is the OG. The idea of KEHO came to our founder on a 10 day silent retreat in India, and Curry in a Hurry was the first bite she created (with some help from her extended Indian family).

Curry in a Hurry was selected by the biggest natural foods conference of New Hope as one of the most imaginative keto innovations! It was created to pay homage to Indian cuisine and the UK's cracking curry culture. So crack on with it.


What is it? Aromatic nirvana.

The perfect harmony of sweet and savory, Curry in a hurry is the sweetest tasting of the KEHOs. That’s thanks to the chameleon coconut that can be savory or sweet depending on its buddies. Here it is paired up with tangy onion and sweet spinach, and - for the first time eva in a bite - cauliflower, with a yummy coconutty curry sauce of aromatic rich spices.


What’s in it? Inner peace from good stuff!

Curry in a hurry was inspired by Indian dishes. It’s not any one dish, but a fusion of favorites – minus the bad carbs.

  • Filling fiber from the cassava root that is totally natural, and the soluble prebiotic kind which means it feeds your gut bugs to make them happy.
  • Plant protein from the yummy higher fat pecans and macadamias, with the Indian favorite of almond to pump up the protein.
  • Dried veggies inspired by our favorite Indian dishes:
    • Onion from onion bhaji
    • Spinach from saag paneer
    • Cauliflower from aloo gobi
    • Coconut from peshwari naan
  • Yummy oils from coconut with those phenomenal MCT fatty acids to fuel the brain and fat burn.
  • Lecithin from sunflowers to hold the fat and water together and to add essential fatty acids instead of popping supplement pills.
  • Real spices with a scent that’s transcendental…
    • Salt for taste and as a preservative
    • Cumin for a warm earthy bittersweet ommmm
    • Lime to brighten things up and balance the flavors
    • Coriander combining that touch of nutty and citrusy scent
    • Mustard seeds for some pungent punch
    • Cardamom (yeah the good stuff coz we’re fancy like that - reminds us of donuts!)
    • Allspice - the name says it all (and yes we borrowed it from the Caribbean curry!)
    • Chili to give it that touch of spice and elevate the taste
    • Rosemary extract as a natural antioxidant instead of E some hundreds


What are the macro nutrients? Our curry’s in balance.

So that’s what goes into Curry in a Hurry. But let’s delve deeper, really go inside. What are we really made of? We’re all made of the same stuff in the foodieverse. Macros and universal energy of calories!

  • 0% sugar crash
  • 8% net carbs
  • 11g gut-loving fiber
  • 13% plant protein
  • 79% satisfying fat
  • 100% yuuuuummmmminess (c’om with us!)
  • 200 energetic calories

KEHO did the macro math for meditators on the move. So make that move!


So what’s not in it? Not a quanta of negative energy.

Convenient foods have been about convenience and not about the food for too long. Fake sugars and flavors, food coloring, MSG, fillers, preservatives, stabilizers, and a toxic soup of questionable ingredients. You won’t find any of that garbage in KEHO.

We’ve gone out of our way to keep junk out of your body.

  • No added sugar
  • No animal derivatives (including whey, honey, eggs)
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No flavorings (natural or artificial)
  • No colorings (natural or artificial)
  • No grains
  • No gluten
  • No soy
  • No veggie oils
  • No sweeteners, or sugar alcohols
  • No E numbers
  • No GMOs


KEHO wont test your vocabulary or give you a chemistry lesson. If you can’t say it, don’t eat it. We’ll meditate to that.

We also don’t add magic ingredient or pixie dust benefits to our packs. Nor do we make transformative health claims.


Why real food? Ancient wisdom

Common sense and your mom always said don’t snack, eat real food. Massive insight. Real food tastes good. So we turned real food into snack food.


Why vegan? Good karma!

Curry in a Hurry doesn’t add to the demand for (often poor quality) animal products in the food chain. Our sourced vegan ingredients won’t weigh you down with karmic debt. Gandhi would be proud.


Why keto? Those Who Seek Keto Shall Find Be Fine

Coz the world is already full of “carbage”. Too much sugar and bad carbs are like water dripping on a stone. It appears ok but the damage adds up.

The biggest source of bad carbs and empty carbs is snacking. So swap out a sugar shock or salt carb bomb for a savory snack bite with Curry in a Hurry.

Tame that monkey mind and avoid the carbage!


How so nutrient dense? Honor the temple of your body!

Freeze dried veggies retain almost all their nutrients. In fact, freeze drying improves antioxidant retention as it stops the degradation. Add to that the high fat content that is both nutrient and calorie dense, and Keho is arguably the max nutrient density snack out there!


How are they more sustainable? Convenient consciousness.

KEHO bites leave a light footprint on the planet.

Dried veggies and spices weigh 10x less than fresh veggies as the water has been removed. Replacing the water with high calorie nutritious oil bumps up the impact.

Water is the heaviest zero nutrient being needlessly shipped around the world. Fresh food being air shipped is one of the highest contributors to ‘food miles’ impact, and KEHO eliminates this.


Why eat them? Open up time and energy.

Curry in a Hurry requires no refrigeration, no prep time, no utensils, and no clean up. There literally is no spoon. Not even two hands. Now you can have a flavor-filled mini-meal and still find time to quiet your mind.


So hurry up to inner peace!

Spice up life and swap out a sweet snack for a real food savory bite! Add a box (or two, or three) to your cart. You may not become a self-actualized master, but maybe you’ll be your own guru-in-a-hurry.


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