thai me over

thai me over

Thai’d up? Need a one-handed meal?

This is your balanced meal. And nope we don’t mean the SAD (Standard American Diet) balanced diet. We mean perfectly balanced flavors.

It's salty, sweet and spicy, and also sour and bitter – delectable contrasting clever combinations. Thai Me Over is walking that tightrope of healthy and yummy, juggling all the flavors. Look mom, no hands!


What is it? It’s a Thai.

All the flavors are fresh, bright and distinct – and still better together. Peanuts, red bell pepper, peas, coconut, shallots and shiitake mushrooms, with cilantro, ginger, lemongrass, lime and more. Heavy on the herbs and oh so full of flavor, all Thai’d together with that signature peanut sauce.


What’s in it? Authentic Thai’me saving food.

Thai me over was inspired by Thai dishes. It’s not any one dish, but a fusion of favorites – minus the bad carbs.

  • Filling fiber from the cassava root that is totally natural, and the soluble prebiotic kind which means it feeds your gut bugs to make them happy.
  • Plant protein from the yummy higher fat pecans and macadamias, with the peanuts from pad Thai and panang curry to pump up the protein.
  • Dried veggies inspired by our favorite Thai dishes:
    • Red bell pepper familiar from pad pak simple stir fries
    • Peas that pop up and add color
    • Coconut from tom kha curries
    • Shallots as the shining stars of the show
    • Shiitake from street food noodles
    • Cilantro for the green curry lover
  • Yummy oils from coconut with those phenomenal MCT fatty acids to fuel the brain and fat burn
  • Lecithin from sunflowers to hold the fat and water together and to add essential fatty acids instead of popping supplement pills.
  • Real spices
    • Salt for taste and as a preservative
    • Ginger coz we couldn’t get galangal
    • Lemongrass for a citrusy scent
    • Lime squeeze to lift the flavors
    • Garlic duh of course
    • Basil that is almost as sweet Thai basil
    • Chili flakes for the red curry lover
    • Rosemary extract as a natural antioxidant instead of E some hundreds
    • Anise seeds to add some star power to the show

What are the macro nutrients? Satay on track.

So that’s all Thai’d up. But how does it Thai you over till the next Thai’me? Well, it’s twisting your tongue and nutrition upside down. Keho is full of fiber, fat, and phenomenal flavor.

  • 0% sugar crash
  • 11% net carbs
  • 11g gut-loving fiber
  • 14% plant protein
  • 76% satisfying fat
  • 100% massammmmm yummmmm
  • 200 energetic calories

KEHO did the keto macro math so you don’t have to get Thai’d up in the details.


So what’s not in it? Drunken noodles or other bad carbs.

Unlike the traditional Thai takeout, KEHO gives a Muay Thai kick to sugar, carbs, cheap oils, and MSG. You won’t find any of that garbage in KEHO.

KEHO is as pure as Thai gold. Bestest in the world.

  • No added sugar
  • No animal derivatives (including whey, honey, eggs)
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No flavorings (natural or artificial)
  • No colorings (natural or artificial)
  • No grains
  • No gluten
  • No soy
  • No veggie oils
  • No sweeteners, or sugar alcohols
  • No E numbers
  • No GMOs

KEHO won’t give you a spelling test or chemistry lesson. If you can’t say it, Phuket.

We also don’t add magic ingredient or pixie dust benefits to our packs. Nor do we make Thai in the sky health claims.


Why real food? Thai’me to keep it real.

Thai Me Over isn’t packaged food – it’s real food, packaged! Keho tastes good because real food tastes good. Why fill up on junk when you can have a real food mini meal in minutes?


Why vegan? Veggies are the pad prik k'hing of flavors!

Keho doesn’t add to the demand for (often poor quality) animal products in the global food market. By going vegan we keep our footprint light while still delivering a heavy weight champ in the flavor department.


Why keto? Coz it’s Thai’me to take out carbs.

The flavors we love aren’t stuffed inside of rice and noodles. They’re everything that goes onto those carby fillers. Keho concentrates the savory flavors that make these dishes delish without all the diet-busting carbs.

If you’re going to do takeout – take OUT the stuff your body doesn’t need (extra carbs and sugar) and bite into the good stuff your body DOES want! Grab a Thai Me Over and skip the carbage.


How so nutrient dense? Think inside the dumpling.

Freeze dried veggies are nutrient powerhouses. Freeze drying actually improves antioxidant retention - noodles just can’t compete with that. We bring it all together with nourishing plant-based fats and deliver to you a satisfying snack that slays the satay!


How are they more sustainable? Thai’me to lighten up!

Instead of racking up food miles shipping around heavy fresh ingredients and zero nutrient water, spice up your responsibility with Thai Me Over. Freeze dried veggie based Keho weighs ten times less than fresh – that means burning a lot fewer fossil fuels. If you’re gonna consume oil, make it coconut, not crude.

We all want to save the planet and nosh nummy food. You can unwrap a better bite and put less stress on planet Earth with Keho.


Why eat them? There’s always Thai’me for Thai.

Place an order, then wait for delivery or run out to grab takeout? Who has Thai’me for that? Thai Me Over is ready when you are. Just grab, tear, and yum! Keho gives you a mini-meal faster than you can say “delivery” and takes up less space (in more ways than one) than that order of pot stickers.


Thai Me Over – it’s Thai’me for a change!

We’re not saying Thai Me Over will transport you to Bangkok, but it might rescue you from a night’s takeout. Your usual Thai, with tax and delivery is not the real deal, whether counting carbs or cents. Instead of spring rolls, spring for Thai Me Over for more nutrition at the cost of half a salad, bhat who’s counting? Thai’me for action - add to cart!

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